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Jan. 6th, 2008 @ 01:47 pm I enter!
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Name: Alex Beardshaw
Age*: 17
Location*: Brighton, England
Phenotype(s): Wolf.

What does therianthropy mean to you?:
This is very hard to put into words for me.  A wild rush of disjointed words and unexplainable feelings coarse through you and you feel at one with your animal. 
What makes you sure you're a therian?:  I didn't know a thing about therianthropy or furries or anything before my affinity with wolves awoke, I just had an epiphany one day and I realised what I was.  For the past few years I've been a bit more spiritual and this connection has intensified dramatically. I decided to try and look for an explanation and I finally found something on therianthropy, when I read about it I knew that this was what I was.
Do you ever "shift" (mentally; in your dreams)?: I do sometimes have dreams when I'm shifted, most of the time I mentally shift - I start thinking differently and don't notice it until I snap out of it.
If you could, would you change this about yourself?: Absolutely not, being a therianthrope is what I am and will always be.
What would you change about your phenotype, if you could?: Nothing.

(I'd like to note that my userpic does not make me a furry, I like anthropomorphic stuff but I don't consider myself a furry - though I have no problem with them)
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