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Jan. 15th, 2008 @ 08:16 pm Yet another intro
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Name: Felidae
Age: 17
Location: Seattle, Washinton USA
Theriotype: Iberian lynx and gargoyle

What does therianthropy mean to you?:

Being a therian means to me being me, if that makes any sense. I guess it means having attributes of an animal, it means knowing things about some things that I should have no knowledge of and having killer instincts at times. It means being confused yet at the same time having pride in that little bit of knowledge that I have.

What makes you sure you're a therian?:

I just am. I knew what my theriotype was the second Ii saw a pisture of an Iberian lynx though I had been searching through many types of felines before that. And when I cal myself a lynx and gargoyle therian it feels right deep inside of me.

Do you ever shift?:

I do a lot If I can not feel my wings it is my ears or my stub, if I am not one I am usually the other.

If you could, would you change this about yourself?: 

No, I would never want to no longer be a therian, I would be different in so many ways if I wasn't what I am.

What would you change about your theriotype, if you could?:

I would probably make some of my memories clearer, or maybe be able to find other gargoyles, they seem rather rare.
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