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Jan. 3rd, 2008 @ 12:38 pm Otherkin/Therian/Vampirism Research Study Update - 01.03.08
VEWRS & AVEWRS Surveys - An Update 01.03.08:

Our next major release of statistical analysis regarding the VEWRS & AVEWRS will be at the TWILIGHT II Gathering in Atlanta, GA on March 7-9, 2008.  You are invited to attend this event by signing up at: http://vampires.meetup.com/914  We’re glad that several from the Otherkin Community were able to join us at TWILIGHT I in Los Angeles, CA in October 2007!  For the first time with these new upcoming charts and commentary we’ll be dividing the data pools by the following classification method:

V:ampire; V - VE - VO - VT - VEO - VET - VOT - VEOT
E:nergy Worker; E - EO - ET - EOT
O:therkin; O - OT
T:herian; T
* N/A

As many of you are already aware the VEWRS & AVEWRS (Vampirism & Energy Work Research Study) w/secondary focus on Otherkin and Therianthropy (http://www.suscitatio.com) far exceeded our expectations for return rates with over 650+ for the VEWRS and 330+ for the AVEWRS received by the October 31, 2007 deadline.  That equates to over 450,000 individually answered questions!  During the next few months we will be continuing to enter data into SPSS (a statistical analysis program) and working with a variety of individuals from both the community and academia on analysis and correlation of the data we've received.  In addition, this study has captured the attention of many in the media, academic institutions, and even the paranormal community.  While the official deadline has passed, we are asking for your help with a smaller internal and grass-roots effort to directly reach those you personally know within the community (active or inactive) who may have overlooked or failed to complete and return either or both surveys (we will not reject surveys that are still e-mailed to us). We can post on message boards, forums, LJ, Yahoo Groups, MSN, IRC chat rooms, and other areas but we are realistically unable to cover every possible square inch of the internet or global offline community. 

This is why we need your help!

VEWRS & AVEWRS May Be Downloaded From: http://www.suscitatio.com
Completed Surveys May Be E-Mailed To:  response@suscitatio.com
Troubleshooting:  See red box section of web site on instructions on how to complete the "text-only" versions of these surveys

We sincerely thank you for you help with contributing to the success of this study and for your encouragement of others you know to complete and e-mail back these important surveys!

- Suscitatio Research Staff

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Oct. 17th, 2007 @ 11:05 am Therianthropy, Otherkin, & Vampiric Research Surveys - Time Running Out To Participate (Oct. 31st)

If the research study located at the web site listed below personally resonates with you, please take a moment over the next few hours or days to sit down and complete the VEWRS and AVEWRS research surveys and submit to us via e-mail.  These surveys cover a diversity of topics including but not limited to:  psychic and sanguinarian vampirism, energy work and manipulation, paranormal activities, psi-related experiences, magick, occult, spirituality, therianthropy, otherkin, and awakenings (you do NOT have to identify with modern vampirism to participate in this study).  Any information contained within the surveys that aren’t applicable feel free to choose “Not Applicable” or leave blank when this choice is not given.  The AVEWRS (Part 2) covers the topics outlined above in considerably more detail than the VEWRS (Part 1), therefore, if possible please complete both surveys (in order); submitting individually as they are completed.  Additionally, questions #170-172 (VEWRS), #982, and #988 (AVEWRS) (substitute out vampire for otherkin/therian) are VERY IMPORTANT questions aimed specifically towards the otherkin & therians that should be completed in detail.  If you have any questions (please read the FAQ first) we’re available to answer them via the e-mail address given below.  We thank you for your participation and support of this important research study!

Vampirism & Energy Work Research Study (VEWRS & AVEWRS)
A Detailed Sociological & Phenomenological Examination Of
The Real Vampire & Energy Worker Community
Secondary Focus On Therianthropy, Otherkin,
& "Awakened" Individuals



VEWRS & AVEWRS Research Study Duration & Response Statistics:
VEWRS = 589 Days  ||  AVEWRS = 457 Days  ||  Combined Response Total:  925+

Background On Study: 

VEWRS & AVEWRS FAQ: http://www.suscitatio.com/research/faq.html

This study is a mixed methodological study of specific subcultural social group(s) (or independents) linked by an association with specific reported phenomena and is directed towards both an online and offline audience via quantitative and qualitative dual anonymous surveys. For the detailed purpose, definition and precedent background, ethical and privacy procedures, and all other information regarding this privately funded study please refer to the surveys themselves or the web site listed above.

Focus Group:  Those who identify themselves as practitioners of modern psychic (psi) or sanguinarian (blood) vampi(y)rism with a joint focus on energy workers or practitioners (psions, energetic healers, or others who manipulate psi/pranic energy).  Additionally those who identify with therianthropy, otherkin, and as being "awakened" individuals are sub-branched in the overall classification.

Format:  Two surveys (both structured to be independent or linked with one another, with first being an introductory examination and the second an advanced examination), anonymous participation requirement, embedded random+intentional response indicators, available in MSWord, HTML Text Format, or Printed Distributed Format.  VEWRS (Survey 1) = Questions 1 - 379 (11 Categories); AVEWRS (Survey 2) = Questions 380 - 988 (5 Categories)

Analysis:  SPSS w/Correlative Analysis, AMOS / Comparisons Of Qualitative Responses In Applicable Sections (Micro-Essays); Resulting Format = Book Publication(s) & Papers

Download VEWRS & AVEWRS Research Surveys:  http://www.suscitatio.com
E-Mail Completed Submissions (By 10.31.07) To:  response@suscitatio.com

Statistical & Analysis Updates:  http://www.suscitatio.com
Correspondence Or Inquiry:  research@suscitatio.com


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Aug. 24th, 2007 @ 11:51 pm Tawny Spots
Current Location: Somewhere beyond the sea...
Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: Mama Will Provide- Once on this Island
Name: Flippin' K...
Location: USA
Phenotype: Lioness/ Leopard (male)/ Leopon at times
Werename: Well, I think I have heard Kijakazi in reference to one of them... not sure though anymore...

What does therianthropy mean to you?:It is who I am. But I don't see it as a category... If that makes sense, probably not... Basically, I am a therian. I have always been one and have known for a long time... it was never weird to me to be a leopon in a human body and mum found it endearing that I wanted to wear a tail since I was able to walk and that I needed to accent everything with spots... I just never had a name for what I was.

What makes you sure you're a therian?: I knew I was a therian before I knew a word existed for it. as I said, ever since I was a child, I knew I was a leopon... or rather, sometimes I was a lioness, sometimes I was a leopard. I have always been able to speak with cats easily... we relate well though when I am the leopard, I do not relate well to others lol.

Do you ever "shift" (mentally; in your dreams)?: All of the time. I am either dreaming of sprinting on the savahnna or lying on a tree. I mentally become one or the other to gain strenght and sometimes wisdom... I phantom shift often (and have had my tail stepped on in the past which was not fun). 

If you could, would you change this about yourself?: I want to be fully leopon physically.

What would you change about your phenotype, if you could?:
Absolutely nothing.
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human, Android
Jul. 28th, 2007 @ 10:52 pm another newbie introduction
Current Mood: curiouscurious
Name: Vlad
Age*: eighteen

Location*: georgia
Phenotype(s): latrans cagottis (mexican coyote)

What does therianthropy mean to you?: It means identifying strongly with a non-human animal, so strongly that it becomes (or already is) a part of what makes you who you are.
What makes you sure you're a therian?: I've always been a coyote, there wasn't a point where I didnt think of myself in terms of fur and paws and tail and teeth.  Its just always been how I saw myself, and the filter I viewed the world through. I didn't know there was anything out of the ordinary about it until I met another  therian  (well, he used the term werewolf, but it was the same thing).
Do you ever "shift" (mentally; in your dreams)?: yes, in my dreams and mentally. I've also experienced phantom limbs shifts, feeling like I have a tail or that my hands are paws.
If you could, would you change this about yourself?: no, of course not.
What would you change about your phenotype, if you could?: nothing at all.

Well, this is my first time joining an online therian community~Its nice to meet the rest of you!
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Jul. 27th, 2007 @ 10:08 pm Everchanger...
Current Mood: calmcalm
Name: Here and now, I am Cassidy - most commonly just called Cass. My spirit name has been lost to me... it was once "Strattashyria", but I have died once in this lifetime. I don't know where mmy name has gone, or what it is, but I know I'll find it when I need to.
Age: 20
Location: New Hampshire
Phenotype(s): I call myself an "Everchanger" - I've never had just one animal, just one form, or even just one color. However I've always been very, very canine. I believe it's the energies in this lifetime, specifically, that makes myself so. And so I've identified strongly with the wolf, as well as domesticated dogs. I also resonate strongly with hawk, cat, and once, dragon, but dragon's time is past in my life.

What does therianthropy mean to you?:
It means... gosh, it means so many things. It's having a truly deep connection to one's inner soul and true 'self', beyond the human skin. The creature, or creatures, within you, in the best possible use of the term "creature".

What makes you sure you're a therian?:
There's no longer any way to deny it. I was 5 years old barking like a dog, hissing like a cat, growling and defending myself in a very inhuman way, despite the fact I wasn't raised with any pets whatsoever. Now that I've grown, I've experienced more than anyone could imagine, from out of body experiences in my soulform, dreams and revalations that have changed my life, and the fact that my mind... just doesn't work like the people in everyday society.

Do you ever "shift" (mentally; in your dreams)?:
Many, many times. The truer essence of myself is much more... calm, secure, and knows so much more than I do in this time and life. And then there's the defensive, more reckless part of my soul... I've learned to control those shifts by now.

If you could, would you change this about yourself?:
I wouldn't be me if I did, now would I? Why do such a thing? I'm accepted as I am now that i've grown, amazingly. I even have a therian mother. :)

What would you change about your phenotype, if you could?:
I'm an Everchanger... change happens anyways, I don't need to touch a thing.


There's so much more to me than this like you wouldn't believe. I'm a shamanistic pagan, and of native American blood, which flows beyond the flesh and into my soul. I don't even know how this is possible... it confuses me to this day. I've been aware since I was 10 years old, though only truly awakened for the past 4 years to both my soulform and the abilities I've held and inherited. I'm precognitive and sensitive to certain points, considering I've had no direction in anything. And empathy... ugh. Don't get me started.

I have a guardian spirit who's been unlocked for the past... 3 years, I think? I've lost count. You'll hear talk of "Halios" a lot. It's short for Svahalios'et, the dearest guardian I could ever ask for, even if he has an Earth-sized ego. http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/60105105/ This would be him...

http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/52000970/ And this would be me, by the way. Hello. :)

I could go on, and on, and on, but I think I'll leave it there. Thanks for having me, and I look forward to meeting everyone here. :) You can talk to me via AIM: StrydeWolf
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Jan. 26th, 2007 @ 05:39 am New kitsune on the block
Current Mood: coldcold
Current Music: BT ~ "Satellite"
*smiles* Hello everyone.

Name: My name in this lifetime is Christina, but I prefer to be called Shiromatsuri.
Age: 23
Location: Tennessee
Phenotype(s): Myobu Kitsune, currently with just one tail.

What does therianthropy mean to you?:
It means to have a solid connection to the animal within, whether because it is your totem, a spirit being hosted within yours, or that you actually WERE this creature in a past life and you had been awakened to these past memories.

What makes you sure you're a therian?:
I felt the pull deep down within my soul, and when I was Awakened the pulling seemed to stop and I felt more whole spiritually than I ever have in my entire life. I cannot suppress this part of me, and I cannot deny it's presence; I "just know" that I am in my heart and soul.

Do you ever "shift" (mentally; in your dreams)?:
I've seen and felt the presence of my Otherkin self in my dreams, but never had the POV of her, pre se. As I've only recently Awakened, I've yet to experience any shifting.

If you could, would you change this about yourself?:
I wouldn't...no, I COULDN'T even if I had wanted to. I've grown tired of changing myself to something I'm not, and I refuse to deny myself..well..myself...any longer.

What would you change about your phenotype, if you could?:
I'm a bit embarrassed to be a kitsune and only have one tail. I understand that I still have a lot more to grow, but maybe just one more tail? *blush* I know I'll gain more in time and experience, but sometimes the wait can be rather frustrating.

Thank you for having me, and I hope to learn much and make many friends here, and to contribute when I can to repay for this kindness.
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Dec. 18th, 2006 @ 07:48 pm picking bones
Name: Calyphus
Age: 21
Phenotype: Lion

What does therianthropy mean to you?:
It means understanding who you really are and what purpose this understanding might give you.

What makes you sure you're a therian?:
A feeling more than anything, but also I have traits of my phenotype and there are many unexplained factors concerning my psychology and physiology that therianthropy goes a long way to account for.

Do you ever shift (mentally: in your dreams)?:
Not in dreams, but mentally, very, very often, this of course affects how I act physically. I became exceptionally viscious and territorial.

If you could, would you change this about yourself?:
Nope. Never, it's who I am...partly.

What would you change about your phenotype if you could?:
Nothing really, I mean it's not like a fully understand as it is yet anyway, though I seriously want to.
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Dec. 10th, 2006 @ 02:57 am Another
Current Location: Home
Name: Gary
Age*: 17
Location*: United Kingdom
Phenotype(s): Puma therianthrope, black fur.
Werename*: Avalar
What does therianthropy mean to you?:
Therianthropy and what it mean to me? To me therianthropy is part of me, not just my therian side as others suggest. I view myself as a whole and that therianthropy is simply part of me and part of my life.
What makes you sure you're a therian?:
I feel an affinity for any big cat, I am normally able to stroke any felines as soon as I meet them and it seems they see me as a kindred spirit. I have also yelped when sitting down and trapping my tail if I had a physical one.
Do you ever "shift" (mentally; in your dreams)?:
The last time I had a dream I can remember yes I did shift in my dream, although all I did was walk over to the nearby stream then come back and climb into my tree beofre curling up and plaicng my tail over my paws.
If you could, would you change this about yourself?:
No not at all unless I could make the change physical.
What would you change about your phenotype, if you could?:
Nothing at all I am happy as I am to be honest.
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Dec. 9th, 2006 @ 03:37 am Help
Name: Magenta
Age: 16
Location: Cananda
Phenotype(s): I don't know!

What does therianthropy mean to you?:
I'm not sure, this just started to happen

What makes you sure you're a therian?:
I don't know! I'm really confused, I just growled at someone in class today, and now everyone thinks I'm a freak! I'e been getting these weird "blackouts" for at least a year. Most of the time I'm at home and no one notices, it's like I'm not in my body anymore. I sleep walk too, but on all fours and I'll scratch at doors and stuff.

Do you ever "shift" (mentally; in your dreams)?:
I have really strange and creepy dreams... I have this dog and in this one I was chasing him and killed him!

If you could, would you change this about yourself?:
? I guess I want to be more asertive

What would you change about your phenotype, if you could?:
I don't really know what my phnotype is... I want to find out why I've started acting strange, and this seemed like a good place to start. My friend told me about it.
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Dec. 2nd, 2006 @ 04:19 pm (no subject)
Its been a while since I've posted anything personal to any therian/otherkin/were journals, so I thought I would do so now, cause I've been talking to some people online, and I've rediscovered how interesting it is to chat with weres and therians online. This got me to thinking -- has anyone, like me, ever had the experience of being strongly attracted to, and getting along very well with, similar species of therians? I am very very attracted to canid therians, foxes, wolves, dogs and such, and I've had some experiences with them that have me reaching states of mind with them that I was not able to reach with anyone else. Has anyone had an experience like that? I would love to chat with some therians and otherkin, especially those that have very strong nonhuman experiences.. I miss that state of mind, for I haven't had a real shift in quite some time (been so involved in normal life it just hasnt come up), and I would like talk. IM me at Gavinfoxx on AIM or Yahoo sometime, I'm almost always on, even if I'm away from the computer. Also, I'm in to Kentucky, and would especially like to talk with KY weres and therians, or people who come to kentucky fairly often. Thanks, and hope to hear from you soon!

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