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therianthropes's Journal

The Therianthrope's Haven
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This is a safe haven for anyone calling themself a therianthrope, were, or Otherkin. Here you can discuss your animal counterpart, therian-related dreams, and mental shifts.

1. No furries. Sorry, but that's our rule. (Vampires are allowed; technically they are Otherkin)
2. Any pictures (of yourself, your artwork of your counterpart, etc) must go behind a cut.
3. You must write entries with quality. This means grammar and spelling!
4. No fighting. =P Friendly debates are okay, though. Some people are convinced vampires and werewolves have this feud going on. I myself have two vampire friends, and don't have a problem with either.
5. I wouldn't expect many people under the age of thirteen to realize they're a therian, so ... swearing is fine. Just not excessive swearing.

**more coming**