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Jun. 18th, 2008 @ 12:26 am New here....
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Hello there. Kamali here. I just joined earlier today, had to go to work so I am just now posting my intro.

Name: Niki
Age: 22
Location: Thornton, CO
Theriotype: White wolf
Werename: Kamali

What does therianthropy mean to you?:

It means so many things to me. It means feeling at home in a close circle of friends but out of place in a huge crowd. It means feeling out of place and trapped in the city but free and Home in the mountains. Nature has always felt close to me, I have always been more comfortable in nature. The best way I can describe it, is that I can't really walk around the neighborhood at night even though it's not a bad one, but get me at the lake or in the mountains and I can walk around by myself and feel safe. It means feeling complete knowing that the wolf is a part of me, that it I am the wolf.

What makes you sure you're a therian?:

I'm still new to this, so I'm still researching. But what I have come across so far makes me feel that this is me. That a therian is what I am.

Do you ever shift?:

So far what I can tell, I have only had Dream shifts. These I would associate as memories or what it would be like to physicaly be wolf. The tastes and smells and feel of everything is so real. I have looked at what Mental and phantom shifts are I know for certain I haven't had a phantom shift but Mental...maybe I have have to go back to some experiences and see whether that's what they were.

If you could, would you change this about yourself?:

Nooooo not at all this is who I am!

What would you change about your theriotype, if you could?:

Not a single thing!!!
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